WordPress Health Checkup

Improve Your Website’s Security & Page Speed

How is your website feeling today?

Not sure? It’s time for a checkup.

Once you’ve created an attractive, effective and conversion-driving website, you can’t forget the importance of regular checkups to ensure it’s being well-maintained.

Monitoring and maintaining your website’s security and page speed is an important step in the website creation process that so many business owners fail to take.

Why is your website’s security so important?

There seems to be a belief, especially among small business owners, that they’re too small to be noticed by hackers. They’re not aware that most hackers use automated tools to find vulnerable sites.

In fact, hackers want to use small businesses as a means to enlist their compromised sites in attacks on other sites and any site, even yours, can serve that function.

Even if your website is secure today, it doesn’t mean it will still be tomorrow if you’re not actively and thoroughly maintaining your website.

What are the risks if you don’t pay attention to your website security?

  • Financial cost of recovering your site if it’s hacked, broken or otherwise inaccessible.
  • Potentially having to rebuild your site from scratch.
  • Lost business if prospective clients can’t easily access your website.
  • Time taken away from working in your business to get your site back online.
  • A lot of frustration fixing an issue that probably could have been avoided.

Why is your website’s page speed so important?

Attention spans are short, as is the time and patience of visitors to your website – three seconds is two seconds too long to wait these days.

Making sure you aren’t doing anything that might hurt your page speed is vital to the overall effectiveness of your website.

A slow website is a website people are more likely to leave (and less likely to convert on), plus page speed is one of the factors that Google considers in its search rankings.

What are the risks if a website isn’t optimized for speed?

  • Slow page speed creates a poor user experience for your website visitors.
  • Poor user experience can negatively affect your leads and conversions.
  • Your SEO will be negatively impacted, hurting your Google ranking in search results.

Introducing the Health Checkup

You’ll want to get yourself a WordPress Health Checkup so you will:

  • Have confidence knowing whether your site is secure (and if it’s not, what to do to secure it), so you are protected from being hacked.
  • Be able to determine whether you have a backup system in place, so you can know how to restore your website and get back to business with a minimum of downtime.
  • Know how to improve your website’s page load speed, which contributes to a better SEO ranking, and a better conversion rate.

What you’ll receive:

  • Checkup Report: We’ll review a wide variety of components related to your website’s security and page speed, and provide you with a report summarizing your site’s current health status.
  • Action Plan: We’ll let you know specifically what needs to be fixed on your website in terms of security and page speed concerns.

The WordPress Health Checkup is a diagnostic service to review your website’s current security and page speed health. While it does not include time to fix any problems we discover, you will end up with a very clear plan of action of what to do next.

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