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Website Support Plan

Your website is your primary marketing machine but it’s a lot of work to set up and maintain! Maybe you’re building one for the first time, or maybe you’ve had one for a while but need some extra support to fix bugs, tweak security or get advice on technical details that are a bit above your pay grade. After all, you’re not a web developer.

Whether you’re DIY’ing your site, or you had it professionally built, chances are that you’re going to need help, either periodically or on a regular basis. It would be super handy to have someone you can call who’s got your back and can help. A geek in your pocket, if you will.

That’s Us!

Our Website Support Plans are a great option if you need on-going support to keep your site running smoothly and reliably and at its best.

These plans are a good fit if you’re looking to have peace of mind and confidence that, whenever you are stumped and need a bit of help, you have someone you can trust and rely on provide expert support.

No matter which plan is best suited for you, you’ll be content in the knowledge that you have a highly responsive and capable website team standing by to jump in and help you with the tasks that require technical expertise beyond your comfort level.

You are happy to do as much as you possibly can, but sometimes, it’s time to bring in some backup to make sure all of the Is are dotted and the Ts crossed.

And, because we know every single business is different, we certainly don’t think a one size fits all solution would work. So, we have a few options you can consider when it comes to what will work best FOR YOU. Whichever you choose, you’ll know that we’ve got your back when you need it the most.

Book a call and let’s chat about your website needs. We’ll figure out together what level of support makes the most sense for your business.

Option 1: Hourly Support

Available on an as needed basis, with a minimum 1 hour charge.

Option 2: Monthly Retainer

3 or 5 hours/month with a minimum 3 month commitment.

Option 3: Support Account

25 hour package pre-paid and banked for use within 1 year.

Our current development rate is $115/hour CAD, with preferred hourly rates available for Monthly Retainers and Support Accounts.

We work with clients globally and are happy to offer billing in either Canadian or US dollars, depending on what works best for your specific situation. When you book a call to talk about your website needs, we’ll chat further to figure out what billing arrangements work best for you.

Curious how you might use a Website Support Plan?

Here are just a few examples of the ways we can support your business website:

  • Not able to stay on top of your WordPress updates? We can manage your plugin, core and theme updates so your site doesn’t become vulnerable.
  • DIYing your website on a WordPress premium theme? We can assist you with the installation and customization.
  • Need to move to a new hosting provider? We can help you with the website migration.
  • Ready to take control of your website security and backups? We can perform a WordPress security audit and install VaultPress for your backups system.

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