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You’ve committed to growing your business and are ready to create a professional website to help take it to the next level. Problem is, web development is not exactly your forte, nor is your calendar wide open to commit the time to figuring out how to do it. Why not just throw money at the problem? Oh right, because like your time, money is also a finite commodity.

Are you okay with getting your hands a little dirty and willing to do some of the work?

If you can commit about an hour, we can help get you started on the right foot with a solid plan of how to do it with a Website Action Plan Session. You’ll know you’re definitely on the right track and covering all the necessary bases to have it done right and look amazing.

what you can expect on our call:

  • We’ll spend an hour on a phone session walking through the Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Website resource offered on the Bon Accord Creative website.
  • Rather than figuring out next steps on your own, using the resource as your guide, you’ll have the benefit of my experience taking you through each component of the guide, asking questions and making recommendations for your unique situation.
  • We’ll chat about domains, website platforms, hosting options, menu and site structure, email marketing services, optimization, security, backups, etc., and figure out what options make the most sense FOR YOU.

what you shouldn’t expect:

  • This call doesn’t include a content strategy – BUT – I will be happy to discuss the types of content you will want to consider.
  • We won’t have time on this call to review and audit your existing site, if you have one as we’re going to be way too busy talking about how to make the site you are planning to build awesome!

what you can expect after our call:

  • We’re a team, and I don’t consider my job done when we hang up that phone. After we’ve spoken, you can expect to receive a summary action plan document based on the notes from our call.
  • Using this action plan, you’ll have a guiding hand to point you in the right direction, help you avoid mis-steps that would cost you unnecessary time, money and frustration, and give you your next steps to move forward with your new website.

Please note that we are currently booked up and not accepting any new Website Action Plan sessions.

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