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When’s the last time binge watching Bridgerton resulted in more visitors to your website? That’s how delightful it’s going to be working with us.

Welcome to the WordPress Health Checkup!

A personalized, deep-dive assessment of your website which evaluates 8 key areas impacting your website’s ability to deliver business goals.

We’ve helped a lot of savvy entrepreneurs fix under-performing websites.

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You’ve spent a ton of energy building your brand reputation.

Your business deserves better than an online brand buzzkill.

You’re totally over:

  • Sluggish page speed that chases visitors away before they learn how great you are at what you do.
  • Hellish theme maintenance & plugin updates trapping you in a game of whack-a-mole where one fix just breaks another.
  • Lackluster SEO results because Google is penalizing your website for reasons you don’t even know about.

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Jeannie Jarnot

“Brenda and her team re-directed my technology efforts at a critical time in my business. I was impressed by Brenda’s ability to solve technology problems through the lens of business objectives. They made my website better than ever.”

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder & CEO,

What’s in a checkup?

  • A personalized evaluation of these 8 key areas: Page Speed, Security & Backups, Themes, Plugins, Hosting/PHP/SSL, Users, Forms, General Settings & Post
  • An easy-to-read rating system which instantly shows you each identified issue by category.
  • Fix-it recommendations for every single issue we identify.
  • NEW: Business impact assessment – how each issue impacts one or more business goals.

The WordPress Health Checkup

  • Personalized evaluation of 8 essential categories
  • Easy-to-read rating system
  • Fix-it recommendations
  • NEW Business impact assessment

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Raven Shutley

“All of the recommendations were clear and concise action items that made sense, and I knew I was trusting a company that was both upfront and knowledgeable. This website health checkup opened my eyes to some issues I was facing but also offered concrete solutions.”

Raven Shutley, Photographer

Here’s How It Works:

✅ Step 1:

Book your checkup. Send us your logins. Rest easy knowing that help is on the way.

✅ Step 2:

You watch Netflix. We complete the report within 3 business days.

✅ Step 3:

Schedule your review call and we’ll chat for up to 30 minutes to review your results. Celebrate!

Hey there!

I’m Brenda and I’m a small business owner, too.

Habanero sauce so hot it melts your face. A clean beauty cult favourite. Custom hot rods and a log cabin builder. Didn’t matter what business they were in. I was happy to build their website.

I admit some of my early website work was cringeworthy. But I kept doing and learning and eventually got pretty good at it. 21 years later I’m still here loving what I do.

When I started Bon Accord Creative in 2013, we wanted to build WordPress websites that help grow small businesses.

But we soon discovered how we can help entrepreneurs best — repairing their underperforming WordPress websites by fixing the less sexy code stuff under the hood.

So, we pivoted and became WordPress fixer-uppers.

Crossing off a big headache from your To-Do list feels good doesn’t it?

After receiving your WordPress Checkup, you’ll know:

  • What you can easily fix vs. what requires expert help
  • Which issues should be given top priority
  • What’s the best game plan for your budget & business goals

Gabby Pinkerton

“My page speed was so low that Google PageSpeed Insights wouldn’t even assign me a score for mobile. Brenda suggested a caching solution and it raised my desktop score to 80/100.”

Gabby Pinkerton, Wedding Planner

The WordPress Health Checkup

  • Personalized evaluation of 8 essential categories
  • Easy-to-read rating system
  • Fix-it recommendations
  • NEW Business impact assessment

Get my checkup for $400


How long does it take to get my report?

Our goal is to deliver your report within 3 business days depending on how many reports are in the queue. If the delivery date is delayed, we’ll give you plenty of notice.

What if I can’t get all the logins you need?

If you’re having difficulty obtaining all your admin logins, email Brenda so she can help. Without the logins, we can’t look under the hood.

How can I be sure that my passwords will be protected?

You’ve probably noticed — we’re big advocates of security! When you book your WordPress Health Checkup, you’ll receive an email with recommendations of how to share your account login details with us in a more secure manner.

What if I can’t do the fixes you recommend?

Some of the issues we uncover are simple fixes you can do yourself without incurring additional costs. Other issues might require technical expertise. In those circumstances you can ask your web developer (if you have one) for help.

80% of those who receive our report ask us to do the fixes because it’s convenient for them. If you want to consider our development services, Brenda will provide you a proposal after your report review call.

Do I need to do the call to review the report?

Not at all. We offer a 30 minute review call as a courtesy. We can always email you the report and answer your questions via email.

Should I include the person who works on my site on the report review call?

Absolutely include them, especially if they’re the person who will be making the fixes recommended in the report.

Do you accept other forms of payment besides credit cards?

We sure do! We can accept an e-transfer from our Canadian clients or Paypal from anyone outside of Canada. Email Brenda if you’d like to book your health checkup using one of these payment methods.

What’s your refund policy?

If you change your mind before we’ve received your logins, we’d be happy to issue you a full refund. However, once we’ve received your logins and begin our work, refunds will no longer be available.

The WordPress Health Checkup

  • Personalized evaluation of 8 essential categories
  • Easy-to-read rating system
  • Fix-it recommendations
  • NEW Business impact assessment

Get my checkup for $400

Still on the fence?

We get it. You want to be confident you’re getting good value for every dollar you invest in your business.

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