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Brenda Cadman's Headshot

Brenda Cadman

Founder & CEO

Brenda is the face of Bon Accord Creative. Whether you're working one-on-one with the BAC team to build a new website, learning how to create a website that converts, or learning how to sharpen up your Canva skills, Brenda is the gal in the driver's seat.

A bit about Brenda

  • Started her first website development company in January 2000... so 2020 marks 20 years in business!
  • One of her biggest joys in life is well organized containers and file folders with pretty labels. Seriously.
  • She’s a real lover of coloured gel pens and notebooks. She has a legitimate problem with collecting notebooks. She’s a digital girl through and through, but her thoughts come out best pen to paper.
  • January to November, her excitement builds for Christmas, mostly because of her love for of all things Christmas baking (the baking, the eating… the butter tarts).
  • Brenda should own stock in DAVIDsTEA. Full stop. If you ever do a video conference with Brenda, chances are better than not she’ll be sipping some of their inventory.
  • Presently knee deep in renovating her new-to-her 1850s house. She spends an unhealthy amount of time on Wayfair looking for light fixtures.
Joelle Strawson's Headshot


Administrative & Marketing Support

Joelle is the dotter of the Is and the crosser of the Ts. She is our admin and marketing support – basically a jack of all trades who helps us get all the things done!

A bit about Joelle

  • A great house to be invited to for a dinner party, Joelle loves cooking, and eating, and feeding people! And given that she also loves puttering in her vegetable garden, you can pretty much guarantee it will be delicious food!
  • You’ll notice a theme here…. She also loves hosting a good themed party! Her “Snackadium” from her football parties is famous! Joelle is good times.
  • Speaking of football, she’s a fantasy football die-hard. Joelle takes pride, not just in her ability to pick winners, but, more so, at consistently beating her husband at it!


Front-End Developer

Nutshell? Stacey is the best website coder you'll probably ever meet! Stacey’s role is how we are able to say your website will be built to the nines. Because we have Stacey!

A bit about Stacey

  • Her mother named her Stacey after seeing reports that the actor Stacy Keach was sent to prison. They liked the name, criminal association be damned.
  • She worked at Tim Hortons in high school but never had a cup of coffee until her late twenties. She now lives by the saying: "But first, coffee!” Because, coffee is the nectar of life.
  • She’s quite obsessed with mason jars and uses them to store all the things.
  • She built her first website back in 1997. It was a Backstreet Boys fan page. And she’s okay with us sharing that.