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Learn how to use Canva to create consistently on-brand graphics!

Course creators, coaches and creative professionals will get 5 days of free video lessons, daily action steps and quick wins.

In this FREE mini course, you can expect daily bite sized videos in your inbox that will show you exactly how to setup your brand kit in Canva in 5 days and how to pull it all together in order to create graphics that always look brand consistent, not cookie cutter.

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What You’ll Learn Over 5 Days

Here’s what to expect in your inbox during the free mini course!

  • Day 1: Your Brand Logo
    You’ll learn what logo formats and versions you’ll need, how to upload them and how to organize them so they’re easily at hand in Canva.
  • Day 2: Your Brand Colors
    You’ll learn what colors you need to add, how to easily add them as part of your Brand Kit in Canva Pro, and the workaround to use if you’re on a free Canva account.
  • Day 3: Your Brand Fonts
    You’ll learn what 3 types of fonts you need to have, where to find fonts online for your business and how to upload them to Canva as part of your brand kit.
  • Day 4: Your Brand Imagery
    You’ll learn the specific types of photos and other image assets you’ll want in your Canva account and how to best organize them to avoid clutter.
  • Day 5: Using Your Brand Kit
    Finally, we’ll pull all of it together and you’ll learn how to use your brand kit with Canva’s templates so your graphics feel consistent and immediately recognizable as your brand.

Meet Your instructor

Hi! I’m Brenda Cadman!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years. I’m an online course creator, I teach small businesses how to create a better website, and I also own Bon Accord Creative, a website development company based in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.

I am also a Canva Certified Creative and a lover of all things Canva.

I’ve been using Canva avidly since 2014, when the freelance graphic designer I had come to rely on for all of my social graphics moved into a full-time position and was no longer available to provide graphic design support to my business.

I quickly realized that Canva was going to provide a tremendous benefit to not only my bottom line, but also the efficiency of my business, if I learned how to create my own social media images and lead magnets, and other “on the fly” graphic needs.

I’m excited to help you build your Canva brand kit during the FREE mini course!

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