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How to Create Graphics in Canva That Don’t Look DIY: 4 Keys to Creating Professional Looking Graphics Without the Overwhelm

masterclass Coming in January 2021

Coffee & Canva Library

Retiring January 31, 2021

Between March and November 2020, I hosted a monthly Facebook Live training in our Facebook group, and walked you through any of the updated features that Canva had released during that month.

In the Coffee & Canva library, you will find all of the recordings of our previous Coffee & Canva trainings.

This video library will only be available until January 31, 2020, at which point it will be retired and unavailable for viewing.

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Website

Retiring February 2021

If you’re looking for guidance on how to plan your business website, be sure to download a copy of the Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Website.

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The Website Planning Roadmap

Coming in February 2021


Free Facebook Group: Canva & Websites Made Simple

If you are a course creator, coach, creative or service provider, join us in Canva & Websites Made Simple to support each other as you learn how to use Canva in order to more efficiently create professional looking images for your business, or how to create a compelling, well built website that more effectively converts traffic into clients.

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