There are few things on a website that make a potential client wince more than looking at a business’s email address and seeing that it’s a Hotmail or a Gmail address.

Whether or not it’s something you would personally be taken aback by, take my word for it that it often signals a lack of professionalism and refinement.

It’s something that seems so small and so insignificant, but the fact is, not having your website domain as your email address can genuinely turn off potential clients.

Setting up a professional business email address is a really simple, really affordable and really important change that you can make that will ultimately contribute to raising the credibility and professionalism of your website.

After all, which sounds more legit? or


Here are 3 reasons to use a proper business email address.

1. You’ll look more professional

Having a contact email that has the same domain name as your website tells people that it is your official company contact address.

Using a free email service implies you are either too cheap to purchase a proper domain name, or that you are too lazy to set one up – neither look good from a credibility standpoint.

Remember, how you present your business online directly affects a potential client’s impression of your brand and how you work.

You don’t want it to appear like you cut corners to save a buck – not when you’re talking to people who are prepared to invest their hard-earned money to get a job done right.

2. Get your name out there!

Being top of mind is vital to business success and having your business name in your email address helps nail home, with every communication, who you’re talking to and from where.

Emails coming from your business, rather than Gmail, puts your business name in the inbox of potential or existing client. Why give Google the marketing when your business could use it more?

Plus, from a printed material standpoint, a professional email domain looks much better and is much easier for clients to remember.

3. It’s an inexpensive way to make a huge impact

Some domain registrars let you set up a professional email for free or for a nominal fee. Alternatively, there are some great email hosting providers such as Google’s G-Suite (which is what I recommend) that are highly affordable.

I actually recommend you set up your email hosting on an alternate provider than your webhost, but I’ll talk about that in greater detail in a later blog.

Ultimately, if you are looking to convert more of your audience, you need to cross all your Ts and dot all your Is, and that, in my opinion, means having a proper business email address separate and distinct from free email providers.

An email address seems like such a small thing to be concerned about, but it’s one of the easiest things you can change that can have a significant impact. Using a personal email address screams “I don’t take my business seriously.”

And if you don’t, why should your customers?

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