It’s important to learn how to get and stay organized in Canva because what will very quickly happen if you don’t create some sort of organizational structure using folders is that you’re going to start creating designs on the fly.

At first it will feel very manageable, but then it will suddenly become very cumbersome because you’ll have so many designs, you won’t be able to quickly find what you’re looking for and you’re going to feel a lot more overwhelmed.

Watch the video below to get some tips on how to use folders for organizing your Canva account!


One of the things I wanted to show you in Canva that you may not be using currently is how to use folders to organize your designs and your photos.

If you are on Canva’s free tier, you do have access to folders, but you’re limited to just two of them. Whereas on Canva Pro you have unlimited folders and truth be told, this feature alone in my opinion is worth upgrading because if you’re anything like me, you can easily accumulate a lot of designs and a lot of photos that you’ve uploaded and it can get a little bit cumbersome and really cluttered very fast.

So for example, if you look at all like all of the images that I’ve created, and this isn’t any of the photos that I’ve uploaded, this is just designs, you can see how quickly it would become very difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Whereas the way I’ve been able to set it up is I can break it down into my different brands, and you can use sub folders as well.

So, for example, under Bon Accord Creative, I’ve broken it down into my social media content, client stuff, information sheets and flyers, lead magnets and freebies, information products and branding assets.

Then you can continue to break it down further. Under social media, I’ve got one for my YouTube content, Facebook designs, Instagram designs and so on.

This allows you to create some order within your Canva designs and photos and I would highly recommend that you take advantage of folders if you haven’t done so.

Then, what you’ll notice is every time you open a folder, it automatically adds it to the left side here.

This is not going to show all your folders at all times unless you’ve opened them all and you can close them at any time.

It’s not getting rid of them, it’s just hiding them so that this doesn’t become overwhelming.

What I like is that I can also do this for my photos. So, for example, I’ve uploaded a lot of stock photos that I have downloaded from Kate Max Stock. I love her site, highly recommended if you’re looking for styled stock photography.

I haven’t finished up organizing all of them, but you can see I’ve broken it down into different color palettes, for example.

I could also break it down in other ways. If I wanted to have a folder for mockups, for example, if I wanted to just put all my stuff in there that allowed for mockups, I could do that. You’re going to find your own way to organize content, but I highly recommend taking advantage of folders.

As another example, I’m also a member of Social Curator, so I’ve got all my social curator photos broken down into different topics.

If you’re not already aware, I used to have a business as a professional organizer, so having folders has been really important to me because I don’t like not having a system in place.

If you do have Canva Pro, definitely play around with setting up folders and let me know what sort of system you’ve set up.

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