Online Tech Society

Are you overwhelmed by online tech? You’re not alone.

Technology is supposed to make life easier.

And it certainly does—but only if you’re comfortable using it. When you’re in business, a lack of online tech knowledge puts you at a great disadvantage. Especially if you like to save a few bucks by doing things yourself.

The Online Tech Society will give you the guidance, the skills, and the confidence you need to get control of your online tech, while growing your business.

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canva 101 Mini Course

Learn how to use Canva to easily create consistently on-brand graphics and marketing materials for your business

I believe online tech should be simple, and that’s why I developed Canva 101 to be completely step-by-step and broken down in a way that a patient friend would use to show you how to do something.

Sound good? Check out exactly what you’ll take away with the course.

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