Laysha Powers West

Irie Matrimony

Laysha Powers West is a wedding planner in St. Thomas who started Irie Matrimony in 2014 as a solopreneur. Today, she’s taken on an employee and has become a great success within the wedding industry in the US Virgin Islands.

Before reaching out to us, Laysha had previously built her own business website so that she could effectively compete in the highly competitive wedding industry.

Like so many cash- and time-strapped business owners, doing it herself seemed like it made the most sense for her business.

Services Provided:

Website Design & Custom WordPress Development

Laptop Mockup showcasing the Irie Matrimony Website

What was Laysha’s biggest challenge?

Site builders like Wix are extremely popular because they can be very easy to use and set up, so DIYers flock to them to help get their business websites online.

Laysha used Wix for her first website and says she didn’t do a whole lot of research before choosing it to build her site. “I just wanted to get something somewhat pretty out there.”

If we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard that!

Before long, Laysha got frustrated with the overall look of her website and felt it didn’t appear professional, which was the main reason she had a website in the first place! If it didn’t look professional, what was the point? That alone made her less than thrilled with the website she had built.

Ultimately, the fact her SEO results were performing poorly on Wix was the final straw.

How did we help Laysha?

Once she realized her website wasn’t working for Irie Matrimony the way she wanted or envisioned, Laysha made the decision make a switch to WordPress, which would be a better platform for her needs.

And she decided, this time she’d enlist some help to make sure it was done right!

We worked with Laysha to build a site that would work for her business today, and into the future as her business grows. Today, we provide ongoing website support, answering technical questions as they arise, providing updates as needed, and helping to develop new functionality and continually improve the presentation of Irie Matrimony’s content.

We remain partners in making sure Laysha’s website is working for her the way it’s supposed to!

What did success look like?

Laysha’s website is doing what she always wanted it to do; it’s both beautiful on the front end and user-friendly on the back end. The site we built for her has managed to find its way, finally, to the first page of Google’s search results for her sought after key terms.

Like any amazing entrepreneur, her own hard work and dedication to improving her site helped make that happen, but moving to WordPress gave her the solid foundation from which to build those results.

It was important to Laysha to have a website that is easy to use and navigate for prospective clients. Today, visitors to her site can find what they’re looking for easily, to learn about what she offers and what her work looks like. This has resulted in more conversions through her website, and ultimately more business for Irie Matrimony.

Laysha’s website is now, not just pretty, but an important piece in her business growth. Because it was done right.

Laysha Powers“My site looks 1000x better than it did before and we still continue to improve it. As a result, my business is growing each year.”