Jeannie Jarnot

Beauty Heroes®

Jeannie Jarnot is the owner of Beauty Heroes®, a unique healthy beauty and lifestyle company based in California. When Beauty Heroes started, the company was solely run and operated by Jeannie. Now she has 10 employees.

Before reaching out to us, Jeannie had been working with another developer to build a website that was meant to fit her unique and complex needs. As it turned out, the type and quality of that coding made her website unsuitable to her needs and more of a frustration for her business than a benefit to it.

Services Provided:

Custom WordPress Development

Laptop Mockup showcasing the Beauty Heroes Website

What was Jeannie’s biggest challenge?

Small businesses don’t have the time or the money to master web technology on top of running their business. Jeannie needed a site that was easy to use, manage and update. While the original version of her site looked beautiful on the front end, in the backend, it was a mess.

It was severely limiting and did not suit Jeannie’s needs or expectations.

Jeannie wanted a website she was able to update herself and was promised that that capability would be there when the site was passed over to her.

As it turned out, many of the things that Jeannie expected to maintain control over, would require the support of a developer to update – an issue that would prove to be an insurmountable challenge and frustration.

How did we help Jeannie?

We started over from the beginning! We worked with Jeannie to rebuild her website, making sure that her complex needs were addressed and manageable on the back-end.

The solution for her particular needs was a custom website built on WordPress, along with a subscription platform for her e-commerce needs. The gap in these two platforms caused some pain points that we were able to address and overcome to provide a well-functioning, effective site for Jeannie.

We currently maintain the Beauty Heroes website, managing it and updating it as needed, and are excited to be working with Jeannie on her next website build!

What did success look like?

Beauty Heroes now has a website that is reflective of its brand – beautiful, solid and top quality. When Jeannie first connected with us in distress, we walked her through the steps to shut down that project and helped explain a new path forward. It’s been only upwards since then!

Jeannie Jarnot“Working with Bon Accord Creative is the benchmark for how I want to work with partners. They are organized, thorough and have great project management skills. They ensure updates are made on time – I find Brenda and her team to be very reliable, consistently – which you don’t find a lot of in this day and age.”