About Brenda

Brenda Cadman

I’m not your typical creative.

I’m not your typical anything, actually.

(Never have been…)

You know how some kids play with dolls or trains or even Crayons in kindergarten?

Well, not me. I started organizing at the age of five, no joke. (Years later, I would build my first business as a “Professional Organizer”. No surprise there, right?).

Mrs. MacPherson would cheer me on as I separated tiny objects—like buttons and marbles—into their appropriate categories on the floor. And then of course, I neatly placed them back into their home drawers when I was done. I frickin’ loved it.

Hello. My name is Brenda Cadman, and I’m obsessed with my label-maker, my multicolored pens… and creating order in chaos, which is a skill that’s served me well online and offline (I have a six-year old, ‘nuff said).

I’m the founder of Bon Accord Creative, a web development boutique firm that specializes in creating organized, elevated user experiences for your web visitors, one website at a time.

Jump over here to check out the portfolio.

You could say I geek out on websites.

When it comes to the internet, I’m a bit of a pioneer. Thanks to my futurist father, I guarantee my family was one of the first on our block with an internet connection. And yes, I was playing on the Macintosh Classic, way back in ‘87.

I started my own web business when domains cost you over $100/year and well before Facebook even existed ... imagine that.

Although coding wasn’t my focus (I have an amazing team of designers and developers who create our awesome websites), I did love organizing (yep, there’s that word again!) website content and creating incredible user experiences.

Because I organize projects better than anyone. Seriously.

I rock at making sure everyone gets what they need and gets it on time. There’s nothing I enjoy more than building relationships with my clients, my team, and my community.

If you’re ready to create a website that works (and turns your web visitors into clients and cash), request a consultation today so we can discuss your needs.

My Creative Manifesto

  • I believe in building long-term partnerships. I work both for you and with you.
  • Responsiveness is next to godliness. I reply to emails and phone calls wicked fast.
  • I pair instructions with insights and share knowledge and suggestions openly.
  • Transparency is a core part of my communication strategy. Expect no fluff, no BS, no business-speak. I speak human.
  • I don’t miss deadlines. EVER. Yep, I said ever.