Your business is more than just a pretty face.

When you’re building or renovating a house, you can save tens of thousands of dollars if you don’t hire a licensed plumber or electrician.

Sure, your house might not be safe to live in, but because you spent most of the budget on decor, it looks absolutely STUNNING on Instagram.

And that’s all that matters. Right?

I don’t know you personally, but I know you. And I know that you would never move into a house that you didn’t feel was structurally sound.

But many successful entrepreneurs don’t understand that the same rules apply when building a home for your online business.

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your website looks if it doesn’t have the proper foundation in place.

I do for websites what home inspectors do for houses.

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Is Your Website Working For You or Against You?

Are you on WordPress? You’re 60 seconds away from increased clarity on how to renovate your website so it generates more leads, nurtures them effectively, and doesn’t threaten your retirement.

WordPress inspections for high-earning entrepreneurs

You have a well-established business and spend a ton of time and money getting traffic to your website. But how much attention does the backend of that website get?

If things are humming along just fine, you don’t really have any reason to question how well your website was built. Or whether or not it can support the future needs of your business.

But I’m here to tell you that bad things happen to websites.

And while investing in security plugins and hosting is about as much fun as upgrading your home’s plumbing and electrical systems, you’ll sleep easier knowing that everything is safe and secure and that your business is not at risk.

Here’s how I can help:


Step 1: WordPress Inspection

How sturdy is the foundation of your website? Your inspection will reveal where your website needs the most attention, where it's at risk and how to fix it. Let’s be proactive and prevent bad things from happening to your site.

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Step 2: WordPress Renovation

After the inspection, my team will get to work behind the scenes of your website, tackling all of the problems one-by-one. We’ll make sure that your loading time is quick, your forms are working, and your website is secure.

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Rave Reviews

“Brenda's inspection service was so helpful in pinpointing the risks, providing options and recommendations, and rating them as “you can do this, here’s a link to help you” all the way to “you should probably hire a professional”. Brenda and her team provide THE BEST service, are super responsive and so friendly. Her depth of insight and experience is phenomenal. If you’re even a little curious as to the state of your website, complete the quiz and then consider her inspection. You will not be disappointed.”

Monica Healer , Executive Director / ECCN

“I have done multiple WordPress Inspections with Brenda, for my two different businesses and also for my clients' businesses. All were initiated when I noticed the websites running really slowly. Each time Brenda went in with a fine tooth virtual comb and reviewed the site, then came back to me or my client with a plan which was easily understood and gave us options on how to move forward. I am always grateful for her insight and thoughtfulness when it comes to how to make websites more efficient.”

Jennifer Taylor , Business Consultant

“Brenda’s inspection revealed issues with my website that I was completely unaware of — including an expensive little error on my contact form, sluggish PageSpeed, and some security concerns. Then, she fixed them! This exercise was a real eye-opener that if I continue to expect so much from my website, it deserves my attention on a regular basis.”

Jaime Lee Mann , Copywriter

“Brenda and her team re-directed my technology efforts at a critical time in my business. I was impressed by Brenda’s ability to solve technology problems through the lens of business objectives. They made my website better than ever.”

Jeannie Jarnot , Beauty Heroes

Jeannie Jarnot's Headshot

“All of the recommendations were clear and concise action items that made sense, and I knew I was trusting a company that was both upfront and knowledgeable. This website inspection opened my eyes to some issues I was facing but also offered concrete solutions.”

Raven Shutley , Raven Shutley Studios


Ensure your website has a strong foundation.