Clients don't do business with you
because your website is pretty

If people can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, you will lose the business.
We help creative professionals confidently build a website that converts visitors into customers.

Creating a website that grows your business can be broken down into 3 simple steps


& Plan


& Build


& Protect

The Online Tech Society

Imagine having all of the missing online tech pieces figured out for your business.
Coming January 2021!

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We offer simple online tech solutions for non-techies

Whether you want to DIY a website that converts, create designs in Canva that consistently look polished and on-brand, or eliminate the overwhelm and finally figure out the tech stack for your online course... we have solutions to meet you where you're at.



Want to learn how to build an effective website that converts, without the overwhelm? "Websites Made Simple" will be available January 2021 inside the Online Tech Society.

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Learn how to use Canva to easily create always on-brand graphics for your business. "Conquer Your Canva" will be available January 2021 inside the Online Tech Society.

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Day of Voxer

Get a day of one-on-one guidance on what to do next with your website, how to create better Canva graphics, or how to choose your course tech stack.

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Rave Reviews

“Brenda and her team make me feel important and are consistently responsive, pleasant and professional. They have gone above and beyond to deliver quality work on time. Brenda herself is no nonsense and focused on my business. She makes the extra effort to ensure the process is easy for me, something I really appreciate as an entrepreneur. Brenda approaches her business from her clients’ perspective. Because of this, you feel she is on your team.”

Jeannie Jarnot , Beauty Heroes

Jeannie Jarnot's Headshot

“Bon Accord has been my go-to for several client projects and I always feel I am in very capable hands. So much so that I now no longer look to other developers at all...they are my strategic partner for all website development projects, including my own site. The one word I would use to describe Brenda and her team is diligent. They do not cut corners, they do not rush and leave loose strings. They are thoughtful, systematic and thorough: a perfect partner for our mindful marketing boutique.”

Rachel Roberts , Oyl+Water

Rachel Roberts' Headshot

“Her love for what she does shows in her work, she has an impeccable attention to detail and she truly cares about our company, all of which makes her a joy to work with.”

Debbi Burnes , Sumbody

Debbi Burnes's Headshot

“Brenda walked me through everything and answered all of my questions before moving forward and I felt really comfortable working with her. She listened to ALL of my concerns, and when I asked for her advice on certain aspects of the site, she would give me her opinion without making me feel like her way was the only way. My site turned out amazing and I’ve gotten so many compliments. I feel like I’ve already paid for it in the amount of business I’ve gotten from a more professional site!”

Laysha Powers , Irie Matrimony

Laysha Powers's Headshot

“For years the thought of working with a web developer sent chills down my spine. Either my web developers charged unfairly exorbitant fees, were incompetent, had an attitude or all three. (Good times.) They seemed to speak a different language - one that I was not keen to learn. Not so anymore. Brenda and her team need capes and shiny tights. They are super heroes who swoop in and save the day, with passion, heart and a reasonable rate to boot. What a relief!”

Susanne Norwitz , Maya Chia

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“I've had Brenda manage the last 3 or 4 revisions of my website (I redesign it once every two years). Brenda is always responsive to my questions; her team is great at design and development; and she provides ongoing support even after the website launch. My latest website iteration is kickass and I have Brenda and her team to thank for making my vision a reality.”

Theresa Putkey , Key Pointe Usability Consulting

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