Website 101 Consulting

Computer, Gears and Sticky Notes

Creating a website for the first time?

If you’re a brand new service based business owner and at the beginning stages of building a website, you may be feeling overwhelmed at all the options and jargon being tossed your way.

  • How do I choose a domain and where do I set that up?
  • Should I go with a site builder or WordPress, given my budget and tech comfort zone?
  • What is the best hosting service for my needs?
  • What content do I need to have on my website?
  • I need backups? How the heck do I set that up?

Any of these sound familiar?

If you’re just starting out with your business website, you may feel like you don’t know which path to follow.

Consider me your Website Planning Guide!

With 16 years in the website field and a love of helping new business owners navigate early website decisions, I can help you:

  • Demystify the website building process and how to best secure your domain and hosting.
  • Determine the best platforms for your website, given your needs, budget and technical comfort zone.
  • Avoid common costly missteps that many business owners make when they build their websites.
  • Clarify your website action plan so you know what your next steps are, so you feel *excited* about building your website, not overwhelmed and anxious.

This is NOT a consultation to review and audit an existing website. This session is designed specifically for business owners who are new to building their website and are seeking guidance on how to best go about it.

Contact me to schedule a 45 minute Website 101. You’ll also get a recording of the session to keep for your future reference. (Please note that Website 101 consultations must be paid prior to our call time.)

Investment: $89 usd