Website Development

Computer, Lightbulb and Key

Does your website need some love?

Your website is one of the most important pieces of marketing that you will invest in as a small business owner. It is your front door online, so to speak, and it's critical that you make a great first impression so that prospective clients will want to learn more about how you can help them meet their needs.

My specialty is in helping small business professionals develop WordPress powered websites they love. I believe that you deserve an attractive, effective, professionally designed and developed website, and that taking this step will positively impact your business’s brand and bottom line.

WordPress Customization

If you don’t need a custom design component, we can help you customize an existing premium WordPress theme. You still get an attractive, properly implemented website along with my consulting on content and customization, but with a lower price tag than custom design and development.

Investment: Starting at $2250 usd

Semi-Custom Website Development

Don’t need a fully custom developed from scratch website? Opt for a semi-custom website, when we’ll create a completely custom design for you and apply it to an existing premium Wordpress theme.

Investment: Starting at $4800 usd

Custom Website Development

Create a unique design that suits your business’s brand and specific website needs. With custom development, we'll build all your code from scratch which enables us to ensure that your website is lean, clean and optimized for SEO, performance and responsiveness.

Investment: Starting at $7500 usd